At Imperial Auction Services, we’re proud of the high quality and unique products we provide. As a well- known International Auction House, we are committed to offering only the very best services and support to our vendors.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and so if you have any questions about our products and services,

please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Items can be brought into the Auction House to present for sale or a FREE no Obligation appraisal (Appointment Only) during the following hours.


Tuesday 10am till 4pm
Wednesday 10am till 4pm

Appointments Can be made outside these hours.

We will then fully Catalogue, Photograph and present your items via our sale room and our international online Bidding Platform.


To Book An Appointment, Please Telephone or Follow this Link:



Larger items - Please do not hesitate to telephone us and arrange a FREE home visit valuation for Antique items and for large general items please email us photographs to  or bring the photographs in to the sale room.


Our charges


Imperial 20% Commission (Minimum £2)  and a £2.00 Lotting Fee


Unsold lots - Unsold lots are subject to lotting fees and must be collected by 5pm of the Thursday following their second Auction, any items not collected after 2 weeks will be disposed of at the vendors expense.


Payment - Payment to vendors are available after 10 days of the Auction (subject to Cleared Funds Being received).

With Bank Transfers being made on the Thursday of the week following the sale.


Valuations - we can provide written Valuations for insurance, probate or family division.


Vendor Terms and Conditions


1. The?vendor warrants to Imperial Auction Services Ltd (the?Auctioneers) that he or she is the true owner of the goods or is authorised to sell the goods on behalf of the owner.? The?vendor will indemnify Imperial Auction Services Ltd its servants and agents and the buyer against any loss or damage suffered by either in consequence of any breach of these conditions on the vendors part.

2. Any electrical item put up for sale will be required to conform to British Standards and any item not fitted with a sleeved plug top will have one fitted before the item is tested for SAFETY, a fee of £2.00 for the test and £1.00 for the plug will be charged to the vendor.? Any item failing this test will not be put up for sale and will be disposed of at the?auctioneer’s?discretion.? All?lots must comply with the safety regulations made under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 and Furniture & Furnishings Fire/Safety Regulations 1988. 

3. The vendor warrants that all electrical goods are in working order or fit for their intended use, if items are found not to conform to this warranty the?auctioneer reserves the right to refund the buyer of all the costs and charge the vendor for any loss of Commissions and costs involved up to a value of £10.00 without notifying the vendor.

4. The costs of illustrations?is included in the?auctioneers’?commission, however Imperial Auction Services Ltd reserves the right to use photographs for publicity before and after the sale without consulting the vendor.

5. Imperial Auction Services Ltd reserves the right to withdraw from auction any items at any time at their discretion.? 

6. Imperial Auction Services Ltd reserves the right to sell any lots by?private treaty at a price equal to or above any agreed reserve?and?place?any Lot?into which Auction it deems appropriate?(subject to the usual commission).? 

7. The vendor shall be entitled to place?a reserve on any lot at any time of contract ONLY and this must be with full agreement of the auctioneers. 

8. The vendor who sends items for sale which are an asset of his business must disclose to Imperial Auction Services Ltd whether he or she is registered for VAT and if so, declare their registration number.

9. Imperial Auction Services Ltd Charge Vendors Commission at just 20% (minimum £2) and a lotting fee per lot of £2.00 All outstanding amounts must be settled before vendors can remove any unsold lots.?

If a collection charge is agreed this will be deducted from Final Settlement. 

10. Imperial Auction Services Ltd will pay the vendor in cash 9 days following the sale (During Normal Office Hours) or by Bank on the Thursday of the week following the sale upon receipt of cleared funds.

11.All unsold items must be collected by?12pm on the?Thursday?following the auction, any lots not removed will be subject to a storage charge of 50p per lot per day for a maximum of 14 days, after which?lots will?be removed?at the Auctioneer’s discretion.? If the vendor requires items returning a courier charge from £10.00 will apply.? 

12.By consigning with Imperial Auction Services Ltd the vendors are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and Be bound by Them.